About Anterior Hip Replacement

Anterior hip replacement is a technique that is a dramatic improvement in surgery.

Most hip replacements in the United States are done using a posterior approach technique. In a posterior approach, the incision is made in the back, muscles and tendons are cut, and the hip joint is exposed. The ball and socket are replaced with a metal and plastic prosthesis. The procedure does not allow for x-rays or guidance.

Why doesn’t everyone do anterior hip replacement?

The answer is that the surgery more technically challenging and requires more training. Many surgeons are not yet familiar with or able to use an anterior technique.

Where should I go for my hip replacement?

You should go to a hospital that does a lot of hip replacements. Several studies have analyzed the risk of complications and the outcomes after total hip replacements.

The evidence shows that hospitals that do a lot of joint replacements are the best places to go because they have the least complications. I operate exclusively

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Do you have XRays?

R.T. Potomac

I broke my hip in a fall, so when the ambulance rolled into Suburban Hospital I knew just about nothing concerning the world of hip transplants, except that friends of mine whoʼd had one had prepared long and meticulously before choosing one procedure over another, their doctors, rehab plans, etc. Mix that ignorance with excruciating pain and the urgent need for surgery, and you might think thereʼd be a disappointing outcome, but no, because Dr Bhattacharyya was there.


Silver Spring

“Thank you and your team, Dr. Bhattacharyya, for the amazing care you provided to me. The professionalism and passion you brought to the experience is much appreciated.”

L.S. Bethesda

“Dear, Dr. Bhattacharyya, There is no way I can thank you enough for giving me back my right arm. I do appreciate your expertise and skill in restoring function to this 91 year-old arm. I shall think of you every day and enjoy its use!”