Google Gemini has become an excellent AI surgical coder.

TLDR: use if you need to search a CPT code. Since Gemini update, it works amazingly well.

One annoying part of my day is looking up the correct CPT codes for surgery. While I have some cheatsheets and favorite sites, I frequently had trouble finding the right codes and longed for a free, web based solutions. I was using Bard and ChatGPT but it wasn’t accurate.

Suddenly, with the Gemini update released this month, it became extremely good. If you often need to look up CPT codes, you should try Bard.

Simple steps:
1. You need a gmail account.
2. Go to
3. Prompting takes some practice. But try “What is the CPT code for [name of procedure]”
4. That’s it.

Are you using AI tools to help your practice?